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Ninja Graduation Pt.4
Title: First day, First challenge and first girl meeting with secrets to be told.
After everyone was ready for the day they walked out their door to find a peice of paper on the ground.
It read
Meet at  the river at 12:00 if you want to stay ninjas...
----------------Naruto and Sakura----------------
"What do you think they mean by this?" Sakura asked holding the paper and the map beside it.
"I think it might be a ambush!" Naruto said grabbing a couple kunai.
"True...but Kakaishi sensai did reassure our safety..." Sakura said looking suspicious.
"You never know the old guy seems to be loosing it anyways" Naruto said shrugging.
"I guess but he always seemed to be serious when it comes to things like these..."
"And?! The guy is still old and will probably be retiring in no time."
Naruto got a punch in the head.
"What was that for?" Naruto asked rubbing his head.
"Just listen to me okay!? Look I know its risky but would you rather lose being a ninja or check it
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 8 5
Ninja Graduation Pt.3
Title:Music can do miracles.
There was a long silence among the group.
"I guess we better be heading back..." Ino said with a sigh.
Everyone was starting to get tired and looked like they were about to pass out any minute.
"Okay I guess your right." Naruto said walking over to change.
He started taking off his shirt.
Everyone stared and then realized he was going to change into his pj's right in front of them.
"NARUTO!" everyone yelled.
Naruto shook his head getting out of his imaginary world.
"Oops sorry guy when I'm tired I can never think straight." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head.
Everyone sweat dropped and Sakura had a horrified look on her face.
"Okay when we all get back to the cabins we start the dare."Tenten said trying to change subject,while getting up.
Everyone else followed Tenten out the door.
-----------Neji and Tenten-----------
When Neji and Tenten got back to their cabin Neji decided to challenge Tenten since he is very competitive.
"So Tenten what are we goi
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 10 7
Ino and Tenten Best friends by animalandanimelover Ino and Tenten Best friends :iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 8 2 Me in anime form by animalandanimelover Me in anime form :iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 1 3 Bubbles background by animalandanimelover Bubbles background :iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 2 0
Friendship Blossem to love p13
As Shikamaru,Ino,Kiba,Hinata,Sasuke and Tenten walked off.
Shikamaru warpped his arm around Inos waist and Ino wrapped her arms around his as they walked.
Kiba picked up Hinata and put her on his shoulder's and she held onto him tight.
Sasuke grabbed Tentens hand and they walked close together.
Naruto put his arm around Sakura and she smiled.
"Looks like all their love has blossemed to love..."Naruto said.
"Yep"Sakura said.
As all the couples walked into the sunset and they lived and loved for years and forever.
All their friendships have blossemed to love♥ :)
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 7 3
Ninja Graduation Pt.2
Title:Game of Truth or Dare...
It was around 8:00 pm. and Shikamaru decided he better start walking toward the gate since he like to be early and on time when it comes to things like these...
Shikamaru was walking toward the gate when he heard his name being called,He looked up to see Naruto waving happily at him.
Shikamaru gave him a quick wave then kept walking.
But to Shikamaru misfortune Naruto had ran down to join him.
"Why are you leaving so early?" Naruto asked while walking by Shikamaru with all his stuff he had packed.
"I wanted to have some time to watch the clouds."Shikamaru answered simply.
"Oh...HEY THERE'S KIBA'S HOUSE!"Naruto yelled.
Shikamaru sighed
"Let me guess you want to pick up Kiba?" Shikamaru answered looking annoyed.
"Hey that's a good idea!"Naruto yelled and ran up to Kiba's house and knocking on the door.
"What a drag..."Shikamaru said while waiting for Naruto trying not to be rude.
"Yes?"Asked Hana at the door.
"Is Kiba there?" Naruto asked excitedley poking
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 24 17
Ninja Graduation Pt.1
It was the day all the ninjas of Konaha finally had their graduation they are going solo from now on at least that's what they all thought.
"I can't believe I am saying this but I am going to miss you two so much!"Ino yelled while running up to Shikamaru and Choji to give them a big hug.
"What a drag...I guess I will make sure we stay in touch"Shikamaru said smiling a little.
"YAY! Best friends forever!"Ino said giving Shikamaru another big hug.
They all smiled and gave each other another huge group hug.
"I have to admit it I am going to miss you two knuckle heads."Sakura said with a smile
Sasuke had finally come back to Konaha when well since he met Sakura's sister,Sasha, they fell in love in a insistent,Luckily Sakura was way over Sasuke and wasn't really crushing on anyone yet.
Sakura hugged Naruto and Sasuke.Then it was group hug time and of course Sasuke didn't want to join,Sakura and Naruto had planned this so they were prepared.
Naruto grapped Sasukes legs while Sakura roped the
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 24 17
Mature content
Friendship Blossem to love p12 :iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 11 10
Noah and Bridgette by animalandanimelover Noah and Bridgette :iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 2 3
Friendship Blossem to love p11
That night Ino,Shikamaru,Kiba,Hinata,Tenten and Sasuke all met up ate the park it was around 11:30 pm.
"U-um K-Kiba-kun w-what is up w-with S-Sasuke?" Hinata asked while grabbing Kiba's arm and looking a bit scared.
"I really don't know Hinata...Tenten could you please tell us what is going on?" Kiba said looking very confused.
"Well I learned a teqnuiqe that I can only use once to bring someone back to i decided to bring my love Sasuke back to to a ghost form." Tenten said while giving Sasuke a kiss on the cheek.Sasuke blushed a bit.Tenten just giggled at Sasuke blushing.
"Hey how about we go get some ramen and talk about how we all got together in the first place"Ino said with a huge smile while holding Shikamaru's hand.
Everyone agreed and walked to the ramen shop.
----------------------At the ramen shop----------------------
"So Sasuke,where you and Tenten together know died...?" Kiba said while slurping down his ramen.
"Well actually yes,we where." Sasuke sa
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 5 5
Choji cry by animalandanimelover Choji cry :iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 0 0
Friendship Blossem to love p10
"I-I-I mean....well it's just...i knew you two liked each other..but..i diden't think Shikamaru had it in him...."Choji said while trailing off a bit while looking at the two with an unconvinced face.
"Great he dosen't believe us.....what a drag..." Shikamaru thought to himself.
"Well its the truth and actually all this time I have realized......Shikamaru is the one I have loved." Ino said smiling softley at Shikamaru but then she looked in Choji's eyes and realized he wasen't convinced.
"I'm sorry but I am still unconvinced...." Choji said with a little sadness in his tone "These two ate proabally trying to play a practical joke on me or something....just for a laugh" Choji thought to himself while looking at Shikamaru as if he was going to confess everything.
Shikamaru sighed and said,"This is going to be more troublesome then i thought..." Shikamaru looked very annoyed while taking his arm off of Ino.
"So....who's house are we going to after this?" Ino said trying to
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 9 16
Friendship Blossem to love pt9
While Shikamaru was holding Inos hand, Ino turned around to find that Sasuke was there, she gasped and thought I thought Sasuke was dead??? And is that....Tenten??? Ino tapped Shikamaru on the sholder, and they both stopped and Shikamaru turned out and looked at Ino confused.
"Sasuke is still alive and he is with Tenten" Ino said in a bit of a scared tone
"What how can that be? I thought.....?..troublesome..." Shikamaru feeling that same way as Ino.
"Ino,Shikamaru,I diden't expect to see you two out here" Sasuke said in a tone that sounded kind faint.
"Sasuke stop talking you are going to scare them" Tenten scoulded.
"W-what is going on?" Ino said very scared now I thought sasuke was dead....but he is he here and why dose he have a weird voice....its almost ghostley
Ino shivered at the thought.
Shikamaru on the other hand was screaming on the inside He is a ghost i just know it i think he looks a bit see throu.....but why is he with Tenten of all people <
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 9 5
Friendship Blossem to love pt8
As shikamaru was walking he saw kiba run past him, shikamaru being very curious followed kiba.
"kiba where are you going? why are you up so late?" shikamaru yelled at kiba ahead of him but kiba diden't hear him and kept running.
just then shikamaru saw naruto yelling at hinata and that's where kiba was running toward.
"hinata don't you understand sakura is so much more better then y-" naruto got cut off from his  heartless comment by kiba punching him in the mouth.
"k-kiba-kun?" hinata said crying after naruto had said that.
shikamaru stared a bit then grunted and said to himself not my problem and at that shikamaru left kiba who was now trying to confort hinata to do their own thing. shikamaru thought, sakura is better my ass, any girl in konaha is better then sakura....but ino is above all....and sakura and temari at the bottem...besides temari is ugly.. shikamaru smiled at the thought of inos beautiful face against temari's ugly face. temari diden't have a chance against i
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 9 8
Friendship Blossem to love pt7
When shikamaru got to inos front door it was 4:30 and he had to be home at 5:00 so he had to say goodbye to ino quikley.
"ok ino i will pick you up tommorow at 1:00 we will go out for lunch and if anyone asks we are just getting a bight to eat and choji coulden't make it ok?" said shikamaru informing her on the plan so she won't say anything that diden't go with it.
"ok shikamaru i will see you i will..miss you. ino said scared to know his responce.
shikamaru grunted and said "i would have never had the strength to say that until you did so i will miss you too" shikamaru said with a smile.
Just then sakura came running up to ino and shikamaru who where just about to  kissed but heard foot steps and backed away from eachother quikley.
"s-s-s-s-sasuke" sakura said through tears and taking deap breaths
"whats is it?" ino said patting sakura on the back.
"sasuke died!" sakura said when she finished crying
"oh look at the time i got to go bye ino bye sakura" shikama
:iconanimalandanimelover:animalandanimelover 7 7
hope you enjoy and please comment :) :heart:


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United States
I love to sing i have a youtube channel for singing make sure you check it out:… :la:

Favourite genre of music: Countrey
Favourite style of art: Cartoon/Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Ino Yamanaka and shikamaru nara
hey everyone i need to ask a request that enyone could do if you would like i need someone to draw a picture based around my story Ninja Graduation it must have shikaino narusaku nejiten and kibahina all the couples in there and if you want to add sasuke and sasha and shino and hana and choji and shelley and rock lee and hinabi that would be amazing but i will still be happy if it was just the main characters. i will credit you on the picture and on da and on youtube please make one and if there is more then one person that makes it will use all of them at one point in time so please respond and let me know if you would like to. :giggle: :peace: :heart: :)
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